Ultimate blossom
of glamour

Exclusive creation for your brilliant style.


The inherent British genes create a contemporary but unique personality and style, expressing pure fun and your confidence and passion for life through the dynamic movement.

The inherited British DNA allows MG to race ahead of the times and latest trends, creating a unique personal style and dynamic passion that never fades. You will enjoy youthful vitality when driving an MG, allowing you to discover the surprises that life presents and manifest your distinctive inner charm.


British genes

Once again, the classic British origin is sparkling with splendour, extending the innovative beauty of the times with British aesthetics and arousing the innermost unique personality with British glamour.


Youthful colours are individually ignited amidst the flashing of the city’s neon lights. With the steering wheel in hand, you are in control of the city’s rhythm. With your exclusive style, accentuate the city’s colourful spirit and infuse life with splendid sights.

Lively and unique

When stationary, you are the most dazzling scene on the street; when cruising, you are the star of the highway stealing the spotlight. Your MG will bring you on an interesting journey to explore the mysteries of life, allowing the long-hidden vivacity in your heart to bloom.

Filled with vitality and confidence

Express your real self without restraint and be the true you. The vitality in the wind’s velocity affects all that you pass by as you revel in a confidence that is exclusively yours.