Welcome to our convenient 24-hour car drop-off service! Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Parking: Upon arrival, MG owners should park their vehicles in the designated area. Please proceed to the guard house for assistance, where the guard will direct you to the appropriate parking spot.

  2. Security Reminder: Before leaving your vehicle, ensure that all personal valuables are removed or securely stored, and that your car is locked.

  3. Registration: Please write down your name, telephone number, and car registration number on an envelope. Envelopes are available at the red drop-off box located at the entrance of the Service Centre.

  4. Key Submission: Place your car key and the completed form inside the envelope.

  5. Envelope Drop-Off: Deposit the envelope into the red drop-off box. An MG Service Advisor will call you on the next working day to confirm that your car has been successfully taken in.

For any enquiries during office hours, please contact us at 67184433 or 67184428.

Thank you for choosing our 24-hour drop-off service. We are here to assist you at any time!